IT Cover Letter (T-Type)

An unconventional cover letter form is so called T-Type cover letter.  This cover letter lists job requirements and desired qualifications in one column and your skills and experience in the adjacent column.  This layout give a quick and easy to read presentation of the match of your qualifications to what the employer wants.  It is clean, straightforward, and very effective in many cases.

T-type cover letter is best used when the job opening give detailed requirements and qualifications, such as college degree, number of years experience on specific tools and languages, professional certifications.  If your background matches most of the requirements or even exceeds desired quantities, then T-type is perfect.

Don't use T-type cover letter if there is no detailed requirement list, or your qualification doesn't match well, or you are over qualified.

T-Type Cover Letter Sample

Dear Hiring Manager:

I am writing to submit the application for the position of Senior Programmer Analyst in your organization.

Currently I am working as a software developer and consultant for an IT service firm to design and develop client/server and web-based applications and provide technical supports.  As illustrated in the form below, my experience and qualifications match or exceed your requirements for this position:
You Want:
  • 5 years Java programming
  • Client/server application in Java Swing technology
  • Knowledge of RDBMS such as Oracle, DB2, etc.
  • 3-year J2EE based web application development experience
  • Experience on Struts framework
  • Sun Java certification desired.
  • College degree in computer science or related field

I Have:
  • 6 years Java experience
  • Developed 3 Swing based client/server applications
  • Worked as Oracle DBA for over 2 years
  • 3-year experience in developing J2EE web application on JBoss
  • Currently working on a large-scale web application development with Struts
  • Sun Certified Java Programmer
  • B.S. in Computer Science, University of California, Davis

I believe my experience, hard work, and dedication would let me provide the best service in this position. I look forward to an interview to discuss with you in detail about how I could make contributions to your organization.
Thank you for your consideration.

Larry Woodland

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